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Hand woven by indigenous Embera Chami artisans, these seed bead earrings represent a piece of Colombian culture, fusing modern designs with ancient tribal craftsmanship.

The Embera Chami tribe are known for their intricate and colorful bead work and these earrings are the perfect sample of the richness of their culture.

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Earrings made with crystal beads (by Embera Chami indigenous community women)

Embera Chami design earrings are inspired by jewelry worn in the Embera community of Colombia. Embera means “The People of the Earth” and these earth tone earrings are beautiful and perfect for any occasion.

Materials: Crystal beads
Dimensions: 2,5 cm

•Beads and plated hardware
•Handmade in Colombia ??
•Fair Trade

CULTURE ORIGNS works under fair trade practices, understanding the cultural value that these artcrafts represent, and respecting the legacy and heritage of these artisans, It’s our mission to promote their heritage, respect their beliefs and encourage others to appreciate their beautiful and unique works of art.

CULTURE ORIGNS IS showcasing the traditional handcrafted artisan skills from the Embera to the world.

Tips to preserve your earrings:
*Always apply perfume before putting on your jewelry
*Do not sleep, shower or swim wearing your gold-plated jewelry
*Use a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth and gently rub the gold-plated jewelry to restore shine.

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Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 cm