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About Our Handbags

Culture, Tradition and Ecofriendly


The Main Material for this unique bags is Jute

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre made from the outer stem and skin of the jute plant. The fibres are first extracted by a process called retting. Retting consists of bundling stems together and immersing them in slow running water. After retting, the non-fibrous material is scraped off and workers pull the crucial fibres from the jute stem. This laborious job is known as stripping and has to be done by hand.

Also known as 'the golden fibre' due to its shiny golden colour and financial worth, jute is valued for its versatility and wide range of applications.

As far as eco-friendly fibres go, jute is a real star performer. And when it comes to bags, there is no better choice for the environmentally conscious consumer

Every item you purchase contributes to the growth and development of the artisans in Colombia

Key Features


Jute and Leather Material


Jute fibre is entirely bio-degradable and compostable


Handpainted in Colombia


Unique Designs


Traditional Artisans


Ethically Source


Purchasing this item supports our artisans and their families


Care and Cleaning


Cleaning Wipes:

Available handbag cleaning wipes are one of the easiest ways to wipe your bag. The wipes help you to get the day to day touch-ups and remove surface stains. The lighter stains can easily get rid off with just a single wipe. It will help you to retain the bag’s original appearance.

Avoid Machine Wash:

However, the machine wash is not always harmful to your bag, unless it has leather on it, but it's always advisable that you skip the machine wash if you can. The machine puts a lot of strain on the clothes making it non-worthy for our costly bags and clothes.


Hand wash is the best option to wash your clothes or bags. The manual wash helps you to keep control over the pressure area on the fabric. This will ensure whether you should rub more on the stain or just leave as it is.

Scrub with a soft brush:

If your stain is visible on a smaller area, you don’t need to wash the whole bag. It’s better to wash the dirty area only. Use a soft bristle brush and rub the area with detergent and brush.

Dry in Sunlight:

If you have enough time, then let the bag dry in sunlight, it's better than machine dry. Simply hang the bag in such a way that it retains its original shape. And make sure to not give it direct sunlight, instead dry them in a shade on a sunny hot day.

Dry Clean:

It’s important to understand that your handbag defines your personality. Don’t compromise on your handbag’s look. Get a dry clean, if needed. It's better to spend money rather than ruin your bag or its outlook.


The pieces we sold on our website are authentic and hand made by artisans from different regions in Colombia which they were crafted. Please keep in mind that many of our pieces are created with techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, so there may be small imperfections that do not affect its functionality but add to their uniqueness.

We invite you to carefully read the entire item description and zoom in each photo closely before ordering.  

Please feel free to ask us any questions about a piece, as we are more than happy to further assist you.

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