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About the Necklaces

Emberá Chamí, meaning people from the mountain range in the Emberá language, believe women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. Their necklaces, called Okamas, adorn and glorify the life of women. Each Okama is a unique piece of traditional indigenous art hand crafted by artisans who put their entire heart and soul into it.

Okama means the path that runs around the neck and its purpose is to protect the woman's heart, empower her, and to highlight her beauty. The waves of the Okamas are full of ancestral Embera Chami wisdom and crafted from generational weaving techniques.

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Hand woven by indigenous Embera Chami artisans, these crystal bead Necklaces represent a piece of Colombian culture, fusing modern designs with ancient tribal craftsmanship.  Every Okama tells a story, the conscious complexity of colorful patterns of nature. Every piece can take up to 20+ days to complete. Designs are  exclusive and 100% original and are a hybrid of culture and history.